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Fish Yu


Fish Yu???


Co-Founder and Vice President, Zhangmen???


Fish Yu graduated from Zhejiang university in 2013. During the university period, he held off-line tutoring classes and expanded the business to several cities.? After graduation, he co-founded Zhangmen online coaching with Zhangmen CEO Ben Zhang.?

He is now Zhangmen co - founder and VP and lead the market team to sign the spokesperson Huang Lei, to create the largest user of the education enterprise WeChat account by online and offline comprehensive promotion. The team of thousands of staff led by him later achieved 100 million revenue during " double 12" in 2017 and 1 billion revenue for the whole year. Zhangme has 8 million registered students, these students spread across 600 provinces, cities and counties. At the same time, he successfully completed D round d of financing with the financing amount reaching 120 million dollars. The investors invested in Warburg Pincus and Genesis Capital , making Zhangmen to successfully join the " unicorn" club in the education industry.?